Named after Mexico’s National Flower, Little Dahlia combines the essence of traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist, creating a one of a kind Mexican restaurant.


Napkins Required! Our Mexican inspired smash burgers are created with the perfect balance of ingredients including, jalapeños, flash fried onions, chipotle, Sriracha, guacamole and queso.

A fork is happiest when twisting or digging into a heaping plate of pasta. With an assortment of pasta selections to choose from, Pasta Dieci is a flavorful and appetizing addition to our kitchen lineup.

Nothing beats a great taco on the go especially when they are Not Your Average Taco. Choose from incredible flavors including, Al Pastor, fish, Birria beef and much more.

Our little twist on Japanese Ramen. With pork, beef, chicken, seafood and even a vegetarian offering, you are sure to find a bowl to satisfy even the most demanding noodle soup craving.

Chicken roasted over fire, ready to serve as a meal or sandwich. Or you can bite into one of our crispy fried chicken sandwiches or wraps along with an assortment of incredible side items. That’s flavor to cluck about.

The traditional Hawaiian poke with our own unique twist. From raw Tuna or Salmon to our Volcano bowl, guaranteed to satisfy all those with a fiery pallet, there is sure to be a flavorful option for everyone.

Who doesn’t like a good cup of joe?! At GigaBites we’re committed to bring you a great quality, delicious cup of coffee or tea at a convenient price to complement all those delicious meals we have to offer. Whether you prefer iced, hot, cold brew or even Matcha, we are positive we have a flavor for you!

If you are a Rice Lover then this is your concept. Delicious made-to-order rice bowls made with the freshest ingredients and unique sauces that will allow you to create a different meal every time or just choose one of our chef suggestions, either way, you’ll be satisfied!

Named after our founder’s Dad, Vasant shares his love for Curry with as many as we can reach, one takeout at a time! From our popular Kabir’s Chicken Tikka, an Indian inspired Curry, to our spicy and creamy Thai inspired Red Dragon. We have a Curry for EVERYONE.

It’s Creamy. It’s Cheese. It’s FIRE! We took this humble dish and brought it up to the next level. Let us top off our delicious homemade Mac & Cheese with your choice of toppings and experience the magic.

It took us 6 months just to come up with the perfect homemade flour tortilla, once we did, we knew we had something special. This Burritos are Top Notch and will soon be the talk of the town.

We can’t become the leading Takeout spot without offering one of the most popular takeout items in the States; Fried Rice. But ours will get us there! High quality ingredients, topping and sauces collide against our woks and an explosion of flavor is created every time.

We didn’t stop at “healthy” with this one, we made it incredibly delicious. Fresh salads made from scratch plus our unique homemade dressings that will have you craving salads for the rest of the week.

You can now enjoy made-from-scratch Margaritas wherever you are! Your choice of Tequila, Fresh fruits and ingredients will take your takeout orders to the next level. On top of that, each Margarita is heat sealed to travel safe and maintain their flavor.

Inspired by Peruvian cuisine, our concept MoLomo focuses on the country’s most popular dishes; from Lomo Saltado, a popular Asian inspired steak tips dish, to fresh Ceviches made with sushi grade quality fish. We are positive you’ll find something you’ll love.