Virtual Kitchen – noun
Also called ghost, dark or cloud kitchens, are restaurants without a dining area. They either serve as off-premises support kitchens or standalone delivery and takeout-only businesses composed of one or many entities sharing one location.


GigaBites® Virtual Kitchens is a data driven concept that focuses only on takeout and delivery of high quality foods from multiple restaurant concepts, allowing the customers to choose from one particular concept or from all and get everything at once, without paying for multiple deliveries and/or picking up from multiple locations.

GigaBites focuses mostly on online sales but our locations also have beautiful reception areas in which our patrons can order at the counter or use one of our self-service touchscreen kiosks.

You can order directly from our online platform at GIGABITESTOGOSHOP.COM  where you will be able to choose from any one of our many unique kitchens or multiple kitchens all on one order. With online, counter, kiosk and drive up service, gone are the days when everyone has to agree on what they want for take-out. Many different kitchens are now available in one stop or delivery.

Also available on Uber Eats and Door Dash GigaBites is only a click away from flavorful enjoyment being delivered right to your door.

So visit GIGABITESTOGOSHOP.COM for all our kitchens menus and take advantage of Many Tastes all in One Place!